Clean, cost-effective laundromat in Belfast

At Spin City, we provide the only self-service laundromat in Belfast city centre. Our fresh, contemporary facilities enable you to wash and dry your laundry in a in a relaxing environment, and we provide refreshments and entertainment to help the time pass more quickly.

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Quality self-service laundry facilities

Come and do your laundry in a safe, modern environment. Our services include:

Spin City F.A.Q:

Average time for a regular 5kg wash?
Typically around 35 minutes, but this can vary based on weight and contents

Average time for a regular 5kg dry?
Typically around 30 minutes, but this can vary based on weight and number of garments

Can you wash and / or dry a large duvet?
Yes, we have large washers and dryers that can take large duvets

How long does it take to wash and dry a duvet?
A duvet usually takes around 40 minutes for a wash to complete. Drying time will depend on the tog rating and material so can vary from around 50 minutes for lighter, synthetic duvets to up to two or three hours for heavier duck / down or feather-based duvets

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