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“Without doubt the best dry cleaning service in Belfast. The service is fast and efficient and always done with a smile. Thanks for all your help and advice over the years.” - Gary KeenanBogart Menswear

“I think Sanjay is the best dry cleaner I have ever used. He is a pleasure to work with; no job is too small or big, and the quality of care is fabulous. I have recommended Sanjay to many clients of mine and they all rave about the quality of care and service he provides.” - Una RoddenUna Rodden Couture

“All the staff at Hugo Thomas have known Sanjay for years; over time he has helped answer many questions and satisfy many customers who have returned garments to us that other cleaning companies have damaged. Sanjay could tell us exactly what caused the problem and on many occasions actually rescues the damaged garment, giving our customers immense satisfaction. Mint Specialist Dry Cleaning Centre are the only business we trust with our Italian-made suits, and we will continue to always recommend him.” - Stella ThomasHugo Thomas

“The only dry cleaner we trust! He has saved many of our garments on a number of occasions. I would highly recommend to customers and other businesses.” - Aileen WilsonBlush Boutique

"Take it to Sanjay!"

Over the past twenty years working in the luxury retail clothing market, Quality speedy cleaners, or "Sanjays" to most people, has played a very important part of our business, he is our go to guy when a problem arises. Sanjay has an encyclopedic knowledge of all fabrics and if he can't fix it nobody can! At Hugo Thomas, we sell many high end products, Canali, Pal zileri and Boss to name a few, over the years many a distrught customer has returned am item that they think is ruined and are hoping we can help... well Sanjay can...

Hugo Thomas - Hugo Thomas

"A reliable dry cleaner in the city centre. They have helped out many people who've needed something dry cleaned at the last minute." - Tia C

"I have never had a problem with the quality of their work and they have always taken good care of what I have brought to them. Embarrassing little incidents like pouring red wine on my dad's favourite tie when at a wedding are long forgotten, and for that, I thank them." - Colm H

"I called in with a two-piece black suit, trousers and jacket. The service was great. It was £10 as far as I recall and I picked it up the next day. The staff were completely genuine and helpful." - John M

"I had my three piece suit dry cleaned for around £12 which was fantastic value considering how well they managed to get the stains out. The staff were polite and friendly." - Conor

"The first time I used Mint Dry Cleaners was during a brief period when I worked near this part of the city centre and this was the only dry cleaners that I knew of in the area. They cost a little more than some other dry cleaners outside of the city centre but I was happy with both the speed and efficiency of the job they did with my suit." - Diarmuid

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